14:24 Ticket #69 (Metadata Paxos) created by jcnelson
Make metadata servers synchronously replicate state via paxos/two-phase …
14:12 Ticket #68 (Client records multiple URLs for a file) created by jcnelson
Make it so the client tracks multiple URLs for a file (as determined by …
14:11 Ticket #67 (Multiple URLs per file in the metadata) created by jcnelson
Make it so the metadata server records a list of versioned URLs for a …
14:07 Ticket #66 (Gateway server revival) created by jcnelson
Revive the gateway servers. They need the following: * track content …
14:05 Ticket #65 (Upload content to user-defined backing stores) created by jcnelson
Once a file has been written, asynchronously upload the file to a backing …
13:42 Ticket #64 (GEC13 demo) closed by jcnelson


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