03:49 Ticket #62 (Clients synchronously create/remove directories) closed by jcnelson
wontfix: It is better to create directories asynchronously with last-writer-wins …
03:48 Ticket #61 (Atomically update directory metadata on each file metadata update) closed by jcnelson


02:13 Ticket #63 (Adding/removing an entry atomically alters its parent directory's metadata) created by jcnelson
On both clients and metadata servers, adding/removing an entry atomically …
02:12 Ticket #62 (Clients synchronously create/remove directories) created by jcnelson
A client synchronously adds or removes a directory to the metadata server. …
02:08 Ticket #57 (Metadata server should fill in metadata if not known) closed by jcnelson
02:07 Ticket #56 (Client tags stale data as uncacheable) closed by jcnelson
02:07 Ticket #61 (Atomically update directory metadata on each file metadata update) created by jcnelson
Have both the client and the metadata server atomically update the …
02:05 Ticket #60 (Validation Algorithm) created by jcnelson
Have the metadata server implement the following directory validation …


03:10 Ticket #51 (Metadata validation should contact each client only once) closed by jcnelson
wontfix: Impossible in general
03:10 Ticket #49 (Metadata tracker should use last-modified time as timestamp for updates) closed by jcnelson
03:09 Ticket #59 (Metadata server rewrite) created by jcnelson
The metadata server must be rewritten with the following features: * …
03:07 Ticket #15 (mdcrawlerd/syndicate extra metadata formats) closed by jcnelson
wontfix: Crawling functionality is obsolete.
03:06 Ticket #9 (IRODS gateway) closed by jcnelson
wontfix: Gateway server development has ceased
03:05 Ticket #33 (Add support for HTTP DELETE to libgateway) closed by jcnelson
wontfix: Gateway servers are obsolete and will not be supported


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