12:01 Ticket #37 (Add optional content hash to metadata for client-side content integrity ...) closed by jcnelson
11:52 Ticket #41 (Clients should buffer metadata updates if they can't POST them) created by jcnelson
If a client can't immediately POST metadata updates to the metadata …
11:48 Ticket #40 (Metadata Service: UIDs) created by jcnelson
Each user in the Syndicate system has a unique UID (preferably greater …
11:43 Ticket #39 (Last-Modified tag in metadata) created by jcnelson
Have the metadata server give clients a "Last-Modified" tag when they GET …
11:40 Ticket #38 (Metadata server should have embedded HTTP server) closed by jcnelson


12:36 Ticket #38 (Metadata server should have embedded HTTP server) created by jcnelson
Give mdcrawlerd an embedded HTTP server so it can receive and respond to …
12:33 Ticket #37 (Add optional content hash to metadata for client-side content integrity ...) created by jcnelson
Make the following possible: * clients and content servers calculate the …


21:21 Ticket #28 (SSL support for downloads) closed by jcnelson
16:08 Ticket #31 (Files that are unlink'ed should still be usable to applications with open ...) closed by jcnelson
fixed: Made the fix. FUSE somehow prevents writes from occurring on paths that …


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23:52 Ticket #4 (Reload metadata configuration at runtime) closed by jcnelson
wontfix: Won't fix. Just restart the metadata server if its a problem.


21:58 Ticket #26 (Metadata from metadata servers should only be downloaded when needed) closed by jcnelson
wontfix: Metadata servers are unlikely to ever crawl other metadata servers …
17:46 Ticket #36 (Metadata Service: Registry and front-end web interface) created by jcnelson
Create a central command-and-control web application with the following …
17:26 Ticket #35 (Metadata Service: metadata server command and control) created by jcnelson
Create a command-and-control interface for a metadata service sliver. …
17:26 Ticket #34 (Metadata Service: Syndicate client authentication and HTTPS) created by jcnelson
Make it so the Syndicate client may require a username/password …
11:27 Ticket #24 (Allow user-defined top-level directories for sitemaps) closed by jcnelson
fixed: Solved by implementing per-host URL/path translation rules.


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