Welcome to Novus Project

The purpose of the News module project (codename: Novus) is to improve upon the existing Roxen News module, in order to provide a centralized portal for departments to enter, manage and share news stories.

The portal overcomes limitations of the current Roxen news module. That module was developed in-house to address the absence of adequate functionality for departmental news publishing within the Roxen CMS framework. A search of commercial solutions yielded no product that met departments’ needs and could be integrated into the Roxen CMS.

The current module allows departments to manage their news stories through individual databases. Initially developed for the Department of History, the module grew quickly in popularity and is now in use by other departments and programs across campus.

News needs have grown more complex, including the need to share, categorize, and tag news stories; and attach rich media. WDS has determined that the best solution is to develop a new version of the module.

The module is not dependent on Roxen, so will allow users on various platforms to pull news using its web services.

Starting Points

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