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The <Output> Block

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Parameters in these blocks control the writing of outputs, e.g. restart dumps, images, history files, etc. There can be any number of output blocks in an input file, and they can be listed in any order. Example

out_fmt = hst                # History data dump
dt      = 62.831853          # time increment between outputs

out_fmt = rst                # Restart dump
dt      = 6.2831853e3

out_fmt = bin                # Binary data dump
dt      = 628.31853          # time increment between outputs

out_fmt = ppm                # ppm image dump
out     = dVy                # output variable
id      = dVy                # id added to file names
usr_expr_flag = 1            # indicates dVy is user defined quantity
palette = jh_colors          # color palette for images
dt      = 62.831853          # time step between output of delta V3
dmin    = -0.0006            # min value for imaging delta V3
dmax    =  0.0006            # max value for imaging delta V3
x2      = 0.0                # slice in X-Z plane at x2=0.0

out: Variable(s) to be output. Currently accepted values are: cons, prim, d, M1, M2, M3, E, B1c, B2c, B3c, ME, V1, V2, V3, P, S, cs2, G. If out=cons (or out=prim), then out_fmt must be one of bin, tab or vtk, and output variables are the conserved (or primitive) variables.

out_fmt: Output format, e.g. bin, hst, tab, rst, vtk, pdf, pgm, ppm. See the User Guide for more about these formats.

dat_fmt: Optional field for controlling the format string used to write tabular output files, e.g. %12.5e. This value should not appear in quotes and no white space should be present.

dt: Time increment between outputs (in problem time).

time: Time of next output (in problem time). If not set, the default will be the initial problem time (for new runs), or the current problem time (for restarts).

id: Any string, added to label output filenames.

dmin/dmax: max/min applied to output (useful for images).

palette: Color palette for images. Currently available palettes are rainbow, jh_colors, idl1, idl2, step8, step32, heat.

x1, x2, x3: Value of x1, x2, or x3 at which data is to be output. Either a single value (which will produce a slice of the data at that value), or a range of values over which data is to be averaged, can be specified. In either case, the data is reduced in dimension by one for each value specified. If the value specified lies outside the computational domain, no output will occur, and no errors will be generated. See Specifying Slices for more details.

usr_expr_flag: Set to 1 if a user-defined expression is to be used to compute output quantity, see User Expressions for more details.

level: Level of mesh to output; root level is specified by level=0. Set to -1 to produce output on all levels. Default is -1.

domain: Integer index of Domain at each level of the Mesh to output. Counting starts at zero, so the root Domain is level=0, domain=0. Useful if output on only one Domain in a SMR hierarchy is desired. Set to -1 to produce output on all Domains at each level. Default is -1.