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Wiki/Documentation/Method Papers

A variety of refereed method papers have been published that describe the mathematics of the algorithms implemented in Athena, and tests used to validate them. External links are to sites where each paper can be downloaded.

Basic Algorithms for MHD

2D JCP Method Paper: Gardiner & Stone, JCP, 205, 509 (2005).

3D JCP Method Paper: Gardiner & Stone, JCP, 227, 4123 (2007).

ApJS Method Paper: Stone et al., ApJS, 178, 137 (2008).

van Leer Integrator Method Paper: Stone & Gardiner, NewA, 14, 139 (2009).

Shearing Box and Orbital Advection

Shearing Box Method Paper:

Cylindrical Coordinates

Cylindrical Integrator: Skinner & Ostriker, ApJ, 188, 290 (2010).

Special Relativity

Special Relativity Method Paper:


Particle Method Paper: